Meet the Undisputed Blend Kingz

The Undisputed Blend Kingz DJ crew is a network of established talented club, radio, and mobile DJs that started in 2003 with three members - DJ C. Scott, DJ O.C., and Grandmixer EZ D. Their initial mission was to simply come together as veteran DJs who shared a similiar passion for the craft and help further each others careers in the industry. "We felt that over the years there has been a lack of unity and integrity in the DJ community and our goal was to bring that back by networking with DJs of various musical influences with our same state of mind and unify under one common umbrella".

What started with three has now turned into a conglomerate of over 20 members nationwide from Boston to California that continue to share the love for the craft and bring people together from all walks of life with their eclectic musical styles and influences. 

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DJ C. Scott "El Presidente" (UBK NJ/MA)



DJ O.C. "The Great Lakes Playa" (UBK NV/MI)





Grandmixer EZ D (UBK MA)







DJ Melly "tha Specialist" (UBK PA)








DJ L. Boogie (UBK NJ)





DJ Philly Black "The Difference" (UBK PA/MA)




DJ Q. Storm (UBK MA)



DJ Decka "Mr. Let 'Dem Hands Go" (UBK PA)



DJ Nyce (UBK MA)



DJ Daz One (UBK NY/MA)



DJ Double Sixx (UBK TN)



DJ Noodles (UBK PA)




DJ G. Slimm (UBK SC)




DJ Nestle Quick (UBK MA)




Mista Big Mike (UBK NY/MA)






DJ Shon Stackz "The Youngest in Charge" (UBK PA)




DJ Sir Charles (UBK TX)





DJ Mike Styles (UBK NY)




DJ Mysterious (UBK MI)










DJ Hot 2 Def (UBK MA)






DJ Henry Locs (UBK CA)




Phlex the Iceman (UBK MA)




DJ Latinman (UBK NJ/NY/PA)




DJ Lady Ruck "UBKs First Lady" (UBK RI)



Rozay B (UBK MA)



DJ Supreme "The Silent Assassin" (UBK NY/GA)






DJ Gary Chandler "Detroit's #1" (UBK MI)




DJ Blazin' Hott "The Fireman" (UBK DE)




DJ G. "Mr. Majik" (UBK SC)




DJ CL Smoov (UBK PA)






DJ 2 Smooth (UBK MI/NV/TN)